Ramuni Paniker Trust


Kerala was Ramuni Paniker’s native land. In 1914 he established himself in Barcelona (Spain) after having completed studies in chemical science in Madras and Leeds (UK), supported by merit scholarships.

The Trust that bears his name honours his memory and the scholarship programme stimulates meritorious students from economically weak families in Kerala to pursue professional and vocational education beyond the school level, the so called higher education. Other activities, in conjunction with the Spanish delegation of the Trust, contribute to establish bridges of cooperation between the home land of Ramuni Paniker and the land where he established himself, raised a family and contributed towards its prosperity.

What do we do

Ramuni Paniker Trust is a non-profit foundation dedicated to supporting students from economically needy families in south India so that they can undertake higher vocational and educational training. This Foundation also collaborates in the promotion and economic assistance to initiatives of cultural, artistic and educational activities, study or research, that promote a better mutual knowledge among the people of South India and Spain.

About us

Ramuni Paniker Trust is a non-profit foundation established in Palakkad in 1998 as Sri Ramuni Paniker Udbhodan Trust (SRAMPUT). Its main objective is supporting talented students from economically week families from rural Kerala so that they can complete vocational and higher education. The Trust also stimulates and supports intercultural exchange initiatives with the objective to foster mutual knowledge between the people of the South of India and Spain.

The Ramuni Paniker Trust in Spain

In 2011, the Delegation of SRAMPUT in Spain was established at the initiative of the late Mercedes Pániker Alemany, daughter of Ramuni. It had the objective of supporting the activity in Kerala and promoting the cultural exchange and mutual knowledge between Kerala and Spain. Later the name of the foundations was unified as “Ramuni Paniker Trust”.

Scholarship programme Ramuni Paniker

The objectives of the Trust are materialized in the Ramuni Paniker scholarship programme for girls and boys who start higher education once the school educational stage is completed (Standard Plus I and Plus II courses), generally at the age of 17-18 years.

The Paniker family, established in Barcelona, contributed the initial endowment fund from which the Foundation is given resources to carry out its activities. Additionally, the annual budget is covered with donations and contributions from Trust friends and institutions.


The Annual Report of activities corresponding to the 2020-21 year can be consulted here.

The Annual Report of activities corresponding to the 2019-20 year can be consulted here.

Foundation Structure

The Board of Trustees is the governing body which guides and supervises the Trust activities. It is composed of the following persons.

 Board of Trustees (India)Patronato (delegación España)
Honorary PresidentKPS Menon
ChairpersonRema RadhakrishnanAgustín Paniker Vilaplana
Vice-chairpersonMar PèlachAlbert Pèlach Pàniker
Managing TrusteeParvathy Menon
SecretaryAlbert PèlachBetina Askanazy
TrusteesB. Jayaraj
J. G. Menon
Dr. Lakshmikumari
PT Narendra Menon
T. Sudhakar
Marta Calsina Gomis
Mar Pèlach Pániker
Patricia Cantarell
Ex-officioSreekala Devi