Cultural exchange

In addition to the scholarship programme, the Ramuni Paniker Trust aims to be a space for dialogue between Kerala and Spain, to promote mutual understanding and a network of exchange between people, groups and institutions.

Marta Fernández Turu in Kerala


Marta Fernández Turu, recently graduated in industrial design engineering and product design, was in Kerala to do her final degree project. The Ramuni Paniker Trust connected her with various people of the State, with whom Marta was able to live, work and travel.

In her intense Keralite experience, Marta saw a cooking vaporizer, typical of the region, that inspired her to design the original utensil -the COMO- of her final degree work. COMO is used in the dishwasher (and takes advantage of its heat and energy) for all types of steamed dishes, especially those that are cooked at low temperature. Find enclosed some photographs of Marta in Kerala and her design. The support given by the Ramuni Paniker Trust has served for this ingenious and original design.

Kerala by bicycle


Eduardo and Roger, great grandsons of Ramuni Paniker, travelled throughout Kerala by bicycle in February 2017. Here’s their report discovering by bike God’s own land.

“Traveling by bicycle is never easy. You expose yourself to the climate, to the land, to the inhabitants of the place. You suffer and enjoy it. It forces you to know your environment to adapt to it, so you learn to prioritize, because all you have is a bike and what is in the bags that hang from it.

In a country far from the Welfare State, being a Westerner can generate prejudices (many of them rightly) on the part of the locals. But traveling by bike those biases disappear because you reduce your position to a humbler and less privileged, minimizing the differences with the people around you. This is how you get to the heart of the territory and its people.”