RPT Merit Scholarships

Scholarships from the Ramuni Paniker Trust offer financial support to Kerala youth

Economic support

The scholarship amount varies between 5 thousand and 10 thousand rupees. They are awarded to selected students, once courses have begun, and are based on merit and economic need. Women have a positive discrimination. Study performance and family situation are evaluated by the academic supervisor, the person responsible for the scholarship programme in each particular case.


Recognition of merit

Higher education in Kerala is basically free in the public system and paid in the private system. Our students enrol in the public system, sometimes paying a reduced tuition fee, but have additional costs for books, materials, boarding and transportation. The Ramuni Paniker scholarship represents an assistance to cover these additional costs. In addition, it represents a recognition of the merit of the student in front of his family, who makes the effort to renounce his contribution to the maintenance of the family unit.

Selection and monitoring of students

The selection is made amongst first year students by certain colleges (and teachers who are directly responsible) and the NGO Rajagiri Outreach that has a decentralized network of volunteers that perform social work, and also run a large scholarship program in schools, throughout the state of Kerala.

All scholarship students have an academic supervisor responsible for their follow-up. This person and the representative of the Trust sign the certificate that is delivered together with the check of the amount of the scholarship. Upon receiving the scholarship, the student also accepts the “moral agreement” by which he undertakes to return the amount of the scholarship received at the time that his personal and family situation allows (without any formal obligation or time limit), so that other students can also benefit in the future.

Types of studies

The Ramuni Paniker scholarship programme is open to all sorts of studies, favouring arts and humanities. Nevertheless, technical studies (engineering and computer science) and health sciences (medicine and nursing) are the dominant disciplines. The students of business, economics, history and humanities represent the second group. Professional training in electronics, biomedicine and printing is also supported through a couple of local schools in Ottapalam and Shoranur.

Students receiving a Ramuni Paniker Scholarship

Normally the school year starts at the beginning of July and ends at the end of April. The selection of the new students occurs during the first semester. Also continuing students are evaluated, when favourably they continue to receive the scholarship until graduation. In the year 2018/19 scholarships were awarded to 75 students (of which 25 new, first year), which became effective in January 2019, the average amount paid out was 6,760 INR. More than 50% of the scholarship are awarded in Palakkad district, the rest all over Kerala.

Collaborative institutions

The following institutions collaborate to distribute and manage Ramuni Paniker Scholarships

Rajagiri Outreach

Rajagiri College of Social Science
Kalamassery 683 104
Contact person: Mr. Ranjith K U
e-mail: outreach@rajagiri.edu
Phone: 0484-2550885
Remarks: all-Kerala students, applications accepted for any higher education institution

Co-operative Arts & Science College

Olavakkode, Palakkad 678 002
Contact person: Mrs. Latha Mukundan (former Principal and Trustee)
Phone: 0491-2555551
Remarks: scholarship for students at that specific College

N.S.S.K.P.T. Vocational Higher School

Ottapalam, Palakkad 679101
Contact person: Lekha Devadas
Phone: 0466-2244232
Remarks: scholarship for students at that specific School

Institute of Printing & Govt. Polytechnic College

Shoranur, Palakkad 679122
Contact person: Asha Mudeli
Phone: 0466-2220450
Remarks: scholarship for students at that specific College