Ramuni Paniker Scholarship Program 16/17

Scholarships for the 16/17 academic year have been awarded at the three centres with which we collaborate

On Tuesday, January 17, I was at Cooperative Arts and Science College in Olavakode (Palakkad) with Lata Mukundan, a two-month centre director of her retirement. He introduces me to the new director, but he’ll only be for a year. However, Lata, already a member of our Foundation, will continue to do the work of selecting and following our fellows.

I meet with the 5 new students (4 girls and one boy) and one of the old ones, we chatted in a courtyard full of cheerful young uniformed. This year we awarded a total of 14 scholarships at this school, as a scholarship boy last year has changed schools by passing, on his second attempt, the entrance exam at an Engineering College. Each scholarship is Rs 5,000 and the sum amounts to Rs 70,000.

On Friday, January 20, I visit the NSSKPT Vocational Higher School in Ottapalam. Lekha Devadas is absent, she is the person who selects and tracks. I meet with the principal and the 16 students awarded, 8 first grade and 8 second at reason of 2 for each specialty: Computer science and information technology (CSIT), Electronics and information technology (EIT), Medical laboratory technology (MLT) and Biomedical equipment technology (BET). They’re all between 16 and 18 years old.
Each scholarship is Rs 5,000 and the sum amounts to Rs 80,000.

Finally on Saturday, January 21, we celebrate the ceremony at Rajagiri University with 37 students and/or family members out of the 49 we fellow. These students are selected and monitored by Rajagiri Outreach, and are enrolled in universities scattered throughout Kerala. Many of them come with their parents, and they have come a long way today to get here. Among the 15 new students who join this course, I highlight as different profiles than usual Fousunnissa, a Muslim girl who studies architecture, and Annupama, a tribal girl from the Palakkad district who studies Ayurveda. Her little sister collects the scholarship on her behalf.

The event began with a prayer sung by a student. Dr. Binoy Joseph, head of Rajagiri College of Social Sciences, then intervened, and on behalf of our foundation was joined by B. Jayaraj, a new patron joining this year. Rajagiri Outreach members also spoke, and all students showed up one after the other and thanked each other.

Scholarships are Rs 8,000 or Rs 10,000 (depending on the cost of the center where it is studied) and the total sum amounts to Rs 418,000 plus 5% administration expenses. In short, we have awarded 82 scholarships ranging from 5,000 to Rs 10,000 (between 70 and 140 euros). The total expenditure on scholarships has been Rs 586,000, which is 8,400 Rs.

Mar P’lach