Ramuni Paniker Scholarship Program 18-19

The scholarships of the 2018-2019 academic year have been awarded in the different centers with which we collaborate in Kerala. Mar P. Paniker, member of the Board of Trustees of the Ramuni Paniker Foundation, chronicled the award of scholarships, in January 2019.

Cooperative Arts and Science College

On Wednesday, January 16, I was at the Cooperative Arts and Science College in Olavakode, Palakkad, with which we have been collaborating for over 10 years.

I went with Lata Mukundan, patron of our Foundation and former director of this center, who is responsible for the selection and follow-up of our fellows. I

met with 12 of the 15 scholarship students, boys and girls between the ages of 19 and 21. There were also four who have already finished their studies. These explained to me how the scholarship gave them recognition and an impulse, as well as financial aid. Two of them are already working, the other two are looking.

This year we awarded a total of 15 scholarships of 5,000 Rs at this school and the sum amounts to Rs 75,000.

NSSKPT Vocational Higher School

The next day, Thursday 17 January I visited the NSSKPT Vocational Higher School in Ottapalam. I am joined by Lekha Devadas who is the person who selects and tracks. I also meet with the principal and 13 of the 16 students awarded, 8 first grade and 8 second at the rate of 2 for each specialty: Computer science and information technology (CSIT), Electronics and information technology (EIT), Medical laboratory technology ( MLT) and Biomedical equipment technology (BET). They are vocational training studies. Boys and girls are between 16 and 18 years old.

Each scholarship is Rs 5,000 and the sum amounts to Rs

80,000.Also in Ottapalam we deliver 5 scholarships to local students, directly supervised by our employers Narendra Menon and Dr. Lakshmikumari, with a total of Rs 28,000.

Institute of printing technology and government polytechnic college

Since last year we have been collaborating with a new school: Institute of printing technology and government polytechnic college in Shoranur. This course has renewed last year’s 3 scholarships and awarded 2 more scholarships. Here they study printing and binding techniques, and computer science.

This institute also offers alternative teachings in different populations of the district, very short concrete learning programs and on demand from communities.

Ceremony at Rajagiri University

Finally on Sunday, January 20, we held the ceremony at Rajagiri University with quite a few of the students and relatives of the 39 we fellow, of which 11 new students join this course. These students are selected and monitored by Rajagiri Outreach, and are enrolled in universities scattered throughout Kerala. Many of them come with their parents, and they have come a long way today to get

here. The event began with a prayer sung by a student. He welcomed Ranjith K.U. coordinator of the scholarship program. Then Fr. interned. Shinto Joseph, administrator of Rajagiri College of Social Sciences, and on behalf of our foundation was done by B. Jayaraj. All the students showed up one after the other and thanked them.

Scholarships are Rs 8,000 or Rs 10,000 (depending on the cost of the center where it is studied) and the total sum amounts to Rs 304,000 plus 5% administration expenses.

In short, this course has awarded 75 scholarships ranging from 5,000 to Rs 10,000 (between 63 and 125 euros). The total expenditure on scholarships has been Rs 487,000, which is equivalent to 6,088,

Mar Pálach Pániker, 20.02.2019