Scholarship Programme 2020-21

Ranjith KU, Rajagiri Outreach manager in charge of Higher Education Programme, delivering merit scholarship certificate to Anjumol Shaji, 3rd year Civil Engineering student at Mar Baselious Institute of Technology and Science, Nellimattoam
Meena Kuruvila, Director Rajagiri Outreach, delivering scholarship cheque to Athulya Sivan, B Tech student also at Mar Baselious Institute

The year of the Covid-19 pandemic has been especially difficult for students and colleges, most of the teaching has been done online as premises remained closed and mobility limited. Thirty-three students received a Ramuni Paniker scholarship, of which 5 are new to the programme.

In April’21 an online meeting organized by Rajagiri Outreach was held with sponsored students. It was introduced by Meena Kuruvila (RO Director), presented by Albert and Mar Pelach. Dr. Laksmikumari addressed a powerful message to the students, to love their country, to take care of other people following the example of Ramuni and Mercedes Paniker, and profit from Covid times to be more contemplative and reed more books. All students introduced themselves. Following the meeting, RO proceeded, in the following days, to deliver the cheques and certificates to the students.